TI-RAID 30 Silencer

TI-RAID 30 Silencer
Two mount options:
Direct Thread: 5/8 X 24  
Fast Attach Mount: 90T Taper

For optimum accuracy choose direct thread, but for quick set up and tear down choose fast attach mount.  Excellent for hunting and fun on the range.

Tool-less take down and shielded baffles deliver unsurpassed performance and ease of maintenance.

PVD coatings are on the silencer tube and mounts.

The most versatile silencer you can own - Any caliber 300 Win Mag and below can be used with the new Ti-Raid 30 Silencer, making it a must have for multiple suppressor-ready firearms.

Caliber Rating: 300 Win Mag and Below
Full Auto Rating: 7.62 NATO and Below
Length: 8.1" w/ Direct Thread
            8.5" w/ 90T Taper
Weight (oz.): 20.1 w/ Direct Thread
                    20.5 w/ 90T Taper

Decibel Ratings:
300 Win Mag: 140 dB at Muzzle
                     136 dB at Shooters Ear
308 Win: 137 dB at Muzzle
300 Blackout Subsonic: 123 dB at Muzzle

Attachment Method
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